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Pasadena Chargers

Pasadena Chargers, a member of the Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks, is a Youth Sports organization that offers various youth sport programs in Anne Arundel County. Children must be at least eight (3) years old in order to participate in the county’s organized sports leagues.

The principals of participation, diversity, safety and fun guide the Department’s program. While scores are reported and standings posted, the competitive aspects of these activities are secondary to the principles.



Basketball is planned
to be offered in the Fall of 2022

Flag Football

Our Flag Football program
will be offered in the Summer of 2022

Tackle Football

We have identified certified
Coaches for our Fall 22 season


We are working to install a
baseball program in the Spring of 2023


We are planning to offer
Track in the Spring of 2023


We are targeting a soccer
program for the Spring of 2023

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